Hey guys, long time no talk! I know it’s been a while. A month to be exact. I’ve been super busy with work and dealing with some medical things, as well as my grief. It hit me like a ton of bricks in the recent weeks. I’ve been working on my “Engagement” blog, slowly but surely! I’m just having a hard time focusing. BUT I am going to kick my butt into gear these next few days, into the weekend and hopefully have something out this weekend! Cross your fingers!!!!!!

In other news, I’ve been thinking lately. A lot. Just how lucky I was to find such an amazing man. I know I say this all the time. But seriously, it really is true. I just think all the time how caring, kind and thoughtful he was even when I was a fucking jerk. Which honestly I wasn’t often, just when I was tired or hungry, but he still loved me so so much.

In other, other news. I was tagged in a post today, that reminded me of a hilarious story that I can share with you guys real quick since I’ve been holding out on my next blog. (I’ll add a screenshot below).

So one day I got home from work after a LONG day at work, I pulled into our driveway, parked, turned off my car, and MY KEY WOULDN'T COME OUT. I turn it on again, turn it off, try to take it out again, still won’t come out. I try this like three or four times before I go get Chris to tell him my key won’t come out of my ignition. He’s like “What?! How?!” I’m like “I have no idea, it was fine when I went to work.” He goes out to try to get it out, comes back in the house with my keys in hand and just looks at me with the most disappointed look on his face. I’m like “What?! What was wrong?” He says “Babe, you didn’t put your car in park.” LMAOOOOOOOO I ABOUT DIED. I must have been so tired it slipped my mind. Mind you I’m usually the one that looks like Chris with the disappointed faces, cause he usually does the dumb stuff. So I knew I fucked up when he came in the house looking at me like that. Lol!!!!! I’ll never forget his face!

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