I know, I know…

It’s been awhile, a long while. I know. There’s no excuse.😂 I’ve been working SO much, we’re so short staffed I have to work 10+ hours a day. Plus looking for a second job.😩 I’ve recently been doing some babysitting on the side through some apps I found for sitters/nanny’s & parents. So that’s nice.

Anywho, Chris’ birthday went well! It was sad of course & I cried a ton. But you know, this year it was nice to spend it alone. Just me, well he was with me in spirit & his ashes. Yes, I took his ashes with me. No I don’t care what you think. It’s called HEALTHY COPING, & if you have an issue that’s a you problem. I even ran the idea by my therapist first to see if I was a bit crazy & she thought it was a great idea. So there’s that. I went to the beach, our favorite place to go. Where we went for anniversaries, birthdays, everything. I even went to Seaside because that was his favorite beach. I took him out & sat on the beach with him, enjoyed the sun & clean salty air. It was SO nice. Especially getting away from all the Smokey nasty air in Portland. Then I went to dinner at Mo’s cause that’s always a must when I go to the beach no matter the season, because I always need clam chowder!

it was really a nice relaxing time, even though it was sad & I really wanted Chris there with me. But that will never change, I’ll always want him to be here for birthdays, our anniversary & holidays.

Nothing else too exciting happening lately. Still staying home a lot because of Covid, although I’m not really sad about it. 😂 I really don’t mind staying in.

I’m trying to get started on the next big blog. But it’s a hard one. So I’ve been pushing it off & thinking of other little stories I can write in the mean time. Funny stories! As always.

Stay safe & healthy friends.

Until next time. 🖤

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