OMSI & The Move

After many weeks and weekends of hanging out and spending as much time together as possible. Chris decided he wanted the boys and I to meet. I suggested we take them to OMSI, so they could have fun and it wouldn’t be so awkward for them, if it would be. So we planned it for a Saturday I believe, we met at OMSI and spent a majority of the day there exploring and doing all of the things. The boys had so much fun, they really had a chance to get to know me, and they were so funny! It was a great time had by all of us.

A few weeks after our trip to OMSI Chris and I were talking about some things going on in our life. He was telling me how he was struggling with some things, personally, as I was. And we decided mutually, why don’t we move in together?! Yeah I know what you’re thinking, “That’s so soon into your relationship.” Yeah, it may have been. But you know what? When you know, you KNOW. Also, we both needed help and we wanted to help EACH OTHER, rather than ask anyone else for help. No one was being taken advantage of, no one was being used. We had a healthy and thriving home and relationship.

Well we did it, despite what everyone else thought. A lot of people doubted us. We ignored it all and went on to start our life! This is where the excitement starts, and I’m sure if some people read this they’re going to get upset. But, maybe they shouldn’t have been assholes. When Chris decided he was going to move in with me, it was a SHITSHOW. Not on my end, on the end he was leaving….some of you may know where he was moving out of too. If you don’t, that may be a story for another day. Trust me, there is a lot there. And it doesn’t end when he moves in with me. Anyways, because of this shitshow we had to go sneak all of Chris and the boy’s belongings out of this house when no one was there so no issues were caused. Because anyone that knows me, knows I don’t keep my mouth shut and Chris always told me “No babe, stop, it’s okay.”, he never wanted me to get into it with ANYONE. LOL.

We got beds, clothes, as much as Chris could grab and we could pack into my jeep and my dads’ truck and went on our way to my house. I cleaned out the third bedroom, my dad painted it and put new carpet in it for the boys to have a new cool room. The first few weeks after the move are honestly a blur because we had SO much going on, we had to get the boys enrolled in school, ended up having to get them updated on the vaccines, Chris had to get his unemployment figured out, he ended up quitting his job previously to moving in with me because his work wouldn’t be flexible with James struggling with school.

The next thing I really remember are the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both I was SO excited for! This was the first year in a long time I had to go to two houses for the holidays! Thanksgiving was normal, food and good conversation with both of our families. Christmas was the one I was MOST excited for! I seriously shopped for the boys for a literal month. They had SO much stuff to open on Christmas day. I may have spoiled them a tad, but ya know they went through a lot in the last month or so, so I thought why not.

Then come Christmas morning, it was so magical. My first Christmas as a mom and it was the best! The boys were so happy, Chris and I were so happy. Obviously, it’s not about the gifts, but as a parent you understand the joy you get when your kids are opening their gifts Christmas morning. Now, a little back story, cause I’m sure you’re thinking what the heck you just came into these boys lives and they just started living with you. Yes, you’re right. But just like their dad & I, The boy & I clicked too! Our relationship formed immediately, they came to me about everything, they could talk to me about anything, we’d spend time together, go places, do things, etc. It’s really like our little family was meant to be. We all just naturally fell into the “normal” family roll.

But anyways, back to Christmas morning…. watching these boys get so excited opening their gifts was the best thing ever. Watching them play with all of their new toys, get on their new bikes in the living room, wanting to take them outside right now to ride them! It was just the best!

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