The Bar

After a few years’ long relationship with a terrible human I stayed single, by choice for three years. Enjoying the single life. Partying. Spending time with friends, bars, events, hook ups, all the fun things single folks do. I found a few single’s groups on Facebook local to me while I was going to school, to meet some new people to hang out with & get to know. I was pretty busy going to school and working full time so meeting people via Facebook was perfect! I met some pretty cool people and even some life long friends along the way.

After getting to know people and making new friends, we would get together often for dinners, movies, bowling, BBQ’s, get togethers, all kinds of fun events. One event that was planned was an event at Ground Kontrol in Downtown Portland, now anyone that knows me knows I’m not that much into video games but I was talked into going by a few friends saying how fun it would be. So I gave in and went, what harm could it be, right? If anything I would get out of the house and have a little fun with some friends. Always needed after a long week of work and school.

I get down and meet my friend, we’re all having a good time. I can’t remember exactly but I’m by the entrance watching someone playing a game and this man walks up to me, asks my name and tells me how beautiful I am. I thank him. I don’t recognize him. He’s shy and awkward, which is making me nervous because he came up to me. We talk a little about the games and about Ground Kontrol and then go our separate ways.

I want to say a few days later the same man that came up to me at Ground Kontrol found me on Facebook and sent me a message. Something along the lines of “Hey, how are you today?” I instantly got butterflies in my stomach, which confused me at first for many reasons. We only talked for a few minutes. I wasn’t interested in dating anyone. And no one had piqued my interest quiet like that in a long while. We chatted for awhile, enjoyed talking to one another and decided to hang out. In case you haven’t caught on yet, this mystery man was Chris.

We decided Chris would come hang out one night after I got out of school. We hung out, talked, got to know each other. And yes, we did, hook up. Cause I was a hoe back then, I’ll admit it. Hahahahahaha! But he clearly loved it, cause he put a ring on it, so it wasn’t that bad of a trait to give it up. Anywho, I asked him if he was going to head home or if he was going to crash at my house. He looked at me like I was crazy! I was like, “You don’t have to.” He’s like “Oh no, I normally just get kicked out after so I was shocked that you asked if I was going to stay the night.” I was like “ Well I’m not that big of a dick, it’s late and I do enjoy your company.” We both laughed and got ready for bed!

Now, onto the morning after……..That was a different story now. I woke up tired as fuck. Why? Because this sucker was snoring like a damn train in my ear all night. Mind you, I’m a hard ass sleeper, I can sleep through ANYTHING. But this dude was so loud and he kept rolling over and snoring right into my ear. Anyway, we had coffee, some more conversation as we got ready for work and went on our separate ways.

I kind of ghosted him, mainly because of his god aweful snoring. Lol. We would still text occasionally, but never really hung out again. Until……

A few weeks later a friend was having her birthday at a bar in vancouver, another friend said I should come out. I go, cause obviously I’m not going to pass up a fun night out! I get there and am catching up with everyone, having fun, whatever else…..out of nowhere CHRIS WALKS UP and says something like Oh long time no see, how are you. I was shocked, the butterflies hit again, pretty sure my face was red as fuck. We hit it off again, fliriting like crazy this time. Talking over nonesence. Decide we want to go to another bar to play some pool. A few of our mutual friends decide to join us. As we’re all playing pool, Chris and I are flirting like crazy. Like the sexual tension is THICK LMAO. We just kept going back and forth as I was kicking his ass in this game of pool. (he wouild never admit I kicked his ass every game off pool by the way!)

After a few hours of flirting and playing pool Chris and I decide we want to go

to breakfast, we’re starving it’s like 3AM at this point. So we leave and go to IHOP. While eating breakfast we have more good conversation, it was like we knew each other for years, like we were meant to be. Our relationship was literally perfect from day one.

He came home again with me that night and spending the night, even though I couldn’t stand his snoring. I decided to give it one last try, because I knew there was something there. Something more, something real. I knew he was “the one” as they say. We both knew that night, we both went on to tell everyone every chance we got. He actually ended up staying the whole weekend with me. Saturday we went on a date to Ikea, just to waste the day away together. That evening we had dinner and movies at my house. Sunday he ran my errands with me, he went grocery shopping with me, and even went to the gas station to fill up my car with me. We spent as long as we could together that weekend. We didn’t want it to end. It was amazing. There’s no other words for it. I remember it just as if it were yesterday, laying in my bed in his arms. Flirting, playing with his hair, kissing, tickling, watching movies. Falling fast, deep in love.

Then the weekend ended, he had to go home, pick up his boys and we had to go back to our lives of work, kids, school, etc, until the next weekend we could see each other.

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