The Engagement/Wedding

Our engagement story is pretty funny actually. We kind of just came to the agreement that we both wanted to get married, so we went out and looked at rings and started the planning process.

It was easy. I was simple in my wedding wants. I never really thought I would get married, it was never something on my radar until I met Chris. When we started talking about marriage and decided we wanted to take that step, I had one stipulation when it came to the engagement. He couldn’t make it a huge thing. He could propose, but it had to be just us. I was definitely not the one for those huge, embarrassing proposals. He tried to fight me on it, because he said “ That’s the best part of the engagement!” I said “Sorry babe, it’s not happening.” Lol.

So we went to Kay Jewelers to look at rings. I personally wasn’t really picky, I just wanted rose gold, cause I’m a boujee ass bitch. But he ended up letting me pick, because I’m also spoiled. Lol. He loved it too though, and he said it was definitely me. We also picked his ring out, he was as excited as I was to get a ring and didn’t want to wait.

(The day I got my ring after being sized)

After we got the rings, I was ready to plan EVERYTHING. I mean everything. I started looking at dresses, deciding what kind of dress I wanted. Looking at venues, WHERE we wanted to get married. We had a small budget, simply because I didn’t want to spend a ton of money a one day. I had always been like that, if I ever got married. It was going to be small, intimate. Just close family and friends, I rather put our money to a home or a big fun trip, than ONE day.

The main thing on my list was my dress. That was the main, biggest thing I was most excited about. Now, I was going to go simple, cute, tea length. So I invite my grandma and bestest friends to go dress shopping. I wanted to look at Brides for A Cause, because I like what they stood for and the fact that they recycle dresses and all that. So that’s the first place we went to. They didn’t have much in my size and no tea length dresses, so I tried on a few other styles. Nothing was catching my eye. My dress was the one thing I was going to splurge on, being this was my one and only wedding! So last minute we head over to David’s Bridal, I tell the stylist what I’m looking for, what I don’t want and my price range; she goes to find dresses. I also go to look as well as everyone with me.

(The dress try on at David's Bridal)

I will remember this like it was yesterday, one of my best friends brings a dress to me and says “I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but it screams you and I just think you should try it on!” Of course I am open to trying anything on! So the stylist takes it and puts it in my dressing room and I follow her in to start trying on dresses. I try on like three or four tea length dresses and they were NOT the ones. Lol. They did not look right, I was super bummed cause I totally thought that’s the look I wanted. Nope. My body was not having it. I ended up trying on the dress my friend had picked out and OH MY GOD, that thing was made for me I swear!!! It was perfect! You know when they say “When you know, you know”? I knew the moment I put it on. I cried when I looked in the mirror and said yes to the dress! It was an amazing moment. And the only thing I had to alter was the length! When I tell you that thing was made for me, I mean it! Lol.

We didn’t know where we wanted to get married, but I knew I wanted to get married somewhere easy and simple. Chris wasn’t really on the same path at first, he definitely wanted a big wedding in the beginning. I brought up Vegas, he shot that shit down so quick saying it was tacky. Lmao! I haven’t been to Vegas, but I know not every wedding there is the drive thru kind with Elvis marrying you, like he was thinking. His words by the way! Lol. I kept bugging him telling him how affordable it would be, even with flights AND hotels. How we could take pictures on the strip. Do all kinds of fun things with the boys and everyone that would come, because there’s SO much to do in Vegas. He was still shooting it down. So I started looking up venues and hotels to change his mind.

I’ll be honest, there are a lot of tacky places in Vegas to get married at. But that is the theme, or was. But there’s also a lot of really affordable, but pretty places that also supply and do everything for you. I found one place that was freaking awesome! It was super cheap, they offered a lot of services and had an awesome gazebo outside to get married at. I showed Chris this as well as all the things that they offered, and he changed his mind quick. Lol. It really was a beautiful place, plus they did all of the hard and dirty work of the wedding, which to me was the best part honestly.

So I started planning! I booked the venue. Went back and bought my dress a few weeks after trying it on! Picked up our rings after they came back from being sized. Booked hotels. Things were coming together! We were so excited. The boys were excited too! They were telling everyone dad and Noel were getting married and they were going to Las Vegas! Lol.

(Wedding photo's with the boys)

We ended up having to postpone the wedding due to finances. But our wedding was still magical and I wouldn’t change a thing about it, except for Chris being able to come home with me instead of staying in the hospital. We got married at OHSU, on the Oncology Unit, while Chris was fighting his cancer. The nurses and staff were SO great, they helped decorate the two waiting rooms on the unit and helped get everything ready so we could still have our special day since Chris wasn’t able to get out of the hospital due to his pain and other things. So many family and friends showed, I was actually kind of surprised. I was planning on having one or both of the boys walk me down to their dad, so I told Christopher last minute, when we arrived at the hospital the day of the wedding, that I wanted him to walk me to his dad. His face was PRICELESS. He was so nervous! He was like “WHAT?! I can’t do this! I’m not ready! I’m not prepared!” Lol I had to bribe him with two pieces of cake to stop being nervous. Although, he is just like his dad, always making jokes, talking to anyone and everyone, so I’m not sure why he was so nervous. Lol. James wanted to be waiting with his dad at the other end for Christopher and I.

Even though our special day was in the hospital, it didn’t feel like it. I felt like it was just him and I, celebrating our love. It was the best day of my life and I would do it again a million times over if I had the chance. Our love was and is one of a kind, it’s that once in a lifetime kind of love. That love you’ll never find again no matter how hard you try, no matter how far you look. I’m so thankful for the days I got, for the chance to get married, and to do most of the things we wanted. But my heart will forever be broken. I will continue to push through and go on every day, because I know that’s what Chris would want me to do, although it’s not easy.

I love you babe, to infinity and beyond, forever and always.

My absolute favorite picture taken at our wedding

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